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Great video of Calgary at Night 2

Do you dream about paying off your mortgage? The new year is usually a time when people review their finances and, if they are in debt, create a plan to reduce that debt. With interest rates rising in Canada, the perennial question resurfaces: Should you pay off your mortgage early? Or invest your money instead? Paying off your mortgage may be the best investment you can make. 


Cathy McMurrich- The Mortgage Group - 403-568-8817

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Reno's - Don't Break Your Budget

Here are a few tips to avoid breaking the budget when you reno

The first step is to know exactly what you want your reno to cover. After that, you must get an estimate of how much such a reno will cost. You have to be very clear as to what you want, to the smallest detail – this will help you get an accurate estimate, as well as more accurate bids from contractors.

Get the contractor to give you the estimate in writing. Remember that some contractors just want to get the job, then the cost keeps going up as you progress!

If you see that the numbers don't fit your budget, you can simply scale down the project. One of the ways to do this is to only carry out a portion of the reno for now. Another way is to go for low-cost alternatives. If there are appliances, furniture etc which are in decent condition, retain them and choose to upgrade them at a later date.

Remember to set aside up to 15% of the total cost for surprise expenses. After arriving at how much the total project is going to cost, you will have to arrange financing if your savings are not sufficient. Finally, make sure that you stick to this budget and not carry out fancy unplanned additions here and there while the work is in progress.

There’s a difference between low-cost alternatives and low-quality alternatives. It would be better to postpone a reno project or a portion of it than go for low-quality alternatives so that it fits your budget. 

We have contacts that you can use who will advise you before you get into your reno.

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According to the standard Alberta Condominium Property Purchase Contract (the “Contract”), a seller is responsible to pay, among other things, condominium contributions up to and including the Completion Day and any special condominium assessment contributions passed by resolution on or before the Completion Day.

It is critical to ensure that a seller is up-to-date on the condominium contributions for their unit as any unpaid contributions carry with the unit – not with the owner. 


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Home security often comes up at this time of the year. With the economy struggling a bit in Alberta in Calgary and Rural Real Estate areas, most homeowners think about door locks and alarms. These things are very important, but there is also a lot you can do around your property to prevent the possibility of a break-in.

A good way to deter the burglar is your outside lighting. Your home doesn't need to light up like a Christmas Tree but your exterior lighting should illuminate your land around the home enough to be a deter anyone up to no good in the area.

Some burglars hide around the property and wait for someone to arrive and open the door so they can use that opportunity to force their way into your home. There have been police reports of burglars accessing garages that have been left up, some people leave their keys in the car, so it is an ideal opportunity to steal it.

One of the best things you can do is to walk around your property and see if you can spot any areas where someone could hide. Can they get in behind your garden shed, a large garden shrub or next to a parked car. Make sure any of these areas are well lit or have solar lights on them. Pay particular attention to lighting around your exterior doors, especially the back door and the walkout door which is always a favourite with burglars.

Some experts also recommend that exterior lighting be installed with a timed dimmer. The lights can then be set to cast a bright light in the early evening, and then a dimmer light throughout the rest of the night.

Our favourite lights are installed with motion detectors, which can be very effective in the areas we mentioned before. These sensor driven lights turn on or brighten when someone comes onto that part of your property. Most thieves will run as soon as they see a bright light go on.

If you have a spare key that you want kept outside “Just in Case” make sure it is hidden in a good spot but easy to access, or go to Home Depot and buy a builders lock box for any access “emergency”. Don’t just put it under the front door mat or plant pot, the experience thief can fast track his way in, especially if he spots a member of the family reaching down to pick up what he suspects is a key.

So keep safe and warm till next time and Merry Christmas !

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Your Calgary Kitchen Re Model

The kitchen of the future looks pretty incredible. Many of us might have wondered what the kitchen of the future would look like. The futuristic high-tech kitchen features are available to all of us today! If you haven’t put in a new kitchen for a while, you will be astonished to see the level technology has advanced to.

Often we struggle with kitchen taps due to messy hands. Well, with touchless or one-touch kitchen taps, that will no longer be much of an issue – such taps are available from many major kitchen fixture manufacturers.

The latest kitchen cabinets available are a combination of eco-friendliness and cutting-edge technology. Features like blind corner accessories and rollout shelves, etc. The latest refrigerators are also very high-tech with features like high energy-efficiency, fridge and freezer sections.

The latest dishwashers on the market are also high-tech – not only do they have features like flexible loading and touchpad controls, but they are also extremely silent. Another interesting feature is that the appliance projects onto the floor the cycle time that is remaining.

One high-tech features you could look at for your kitchen is a steam oven – heat produced from boiling water is what is used to cook food in steam ovens producing very moist results full of flavour. These ovens also feature faster cooking times, and interiors which are easy to clean.

If you are looking at remodel of your current  kitchen pay attention to the design before getting carried away by and the latest gadgets. High-tech features make your kitchen better, but make the design and functionality your first priority.

Affordable Kitchen Cabinets

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Photo: James Bombales

Sarah Niedoba - Nov 12, 2018

While Canadian home sales have been inching up month-over-month, they have remained firmly below 2017-levels all year. And, according to a new note from BMO senior economist Robert Kavcic, that’s unlikely to change anytime soon.

“The Canadian Real Estate Association will release the full set of October housing market data [this week], and the overall picture will continue to look stable/subded,” writes Kavcic. “National sales are estimated to be down 6 percent year-over-year, slightly improved from September’s 8.9 percent year-over-year decline.”

Kavcic predicts that the average price for a home will rise 1 percent year-over-year, partly due to the ongoing sales decline in the Vancouver market.

“Recall that in the prior month, the median average price gain across the 26 markets tracked was just under 3 percent year-over-year, confirming the relative home price stability across most of the country,” he adds.

Another continuing trend? A East-West divide in performance, with markets in Ontario and Quebec posting strong activity gains, while Alberta and BC continue to struggle.

“On the strong side, Ottawa and Montreal continue to churn out near-7 percent year-over-year price gains amid tight conditions,” writes Kavcic. “On the weak side, Vancouver sales were down a still deep 35 percent year-over-year, with prices for both detached homes and condos correcting.”

Meanwhile, the Toronto market has largely balanced out, with sales up 6 percent year-over-year.The average sale price for a home rose 3.5 percent year-over-year last month, hitting $807,340, and the MLS Home Price Index Composite Benchmark was up 2.6 percent year-over-year.

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Stating this may seem obvious, but it’s often overlooked. If you want top price for your home, presentation is everything.  The idea is to make your home sparkle inside and out. Windows should be spotless, carpet should be thoroughly cleaned, along with all tile, lino, and wooden floors. Take the time to clean your built-in cabinets, kitchen appliances, and even the lighting fixtures. Make sure there is no dirt, dust, or cobwebs hanging around, and check out the extractor fans in the likes of bathrooms and toilets, for dust.

When selling a home, your objective is to make it appeal to the broadest range of potential buyers. If they can’t get past the green carpet and floral wallpaper and see themselves and all their furnishings in the home, then you have lost them. Put yourself in the eyes of a buyer and ask yourself how many potential buyers could move in with their furniture without having to repaint the walls or replace the carpeting. Staying neutral is the key, keep your colors so they will work with most furniture. Replace tired and dated carpet if possible, or make a price incentive for the buyer to do so after the sale.

The presentation of your home when buyers come to view it will have more impact on the sale than you know. A cluttered, dark, or unkempt home is like a distracting noise that prevents buyers from seeing the true potential, and they miss the best features. Create an atmosphere of warmth, comfort and cleanliness. Here are some suggestions on how to keep your home at its best for buyers:

Space & Light: The more spacious your home feels, the better.

Use light to your advantage, open curtains and blinds during daytime showings. Turn on lights to create an open, spacious feeling. This includes closets and storage areas. Add a lamp if necessary in an area that’s not well-lit.

Arrange furniture to give a sense of openness, so potential buyers don’t have to squeeze through areas. If you need to, take some furniture out.

Thin out your book shelves, don’t make them cluttered. Pick up shoes, clothing, toys, and other personal items before showing your home. Remove off-season clothing from closets, leaving as few items in them as possible. Make the home smell nice an offensive odor can destroy the appeal of an otherwise attractive home, nice scents can make it more homely.

Recently one of our clients removed 8 plastic imitation trees and their home sold within 2 days! It is great to have pets but beware! Most cat lovers cannot smell their own furry friends, but the potential buyer can, and will get turned off.

You can add some appealing smells with fresh flowers, baking bread, or a potpourri of lavender, cedar or cinnamon. A bowl of fresh fruit on a kitchen table in the summer can create a strong visual as well as aromatic appeal.


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Buying Calgary properties intelligently

When thinking of buying a property it is not rocket science, but if you don’t have an intelligent approach it could still cost you money. Let us look at some smart strategies to adopt while purchasing a property today.

The first strategy is to always stick to your budget. Don’t get carried away by a property that is being sold at a bargain, or has all the features that you were looking for, but is priced above your budget. The price of the house should be just right for you to afford your mortgage payments, fixed costs as well as other payments.

The second strategy is to evaluate each and every option, and not ignore one just because the listing photographs do not look appealing enough – you will often be surprised by hidden treasures.

The third strategy is to know when to walk away from a deal – for example, if the house inspection reveals certain serious defects. It is better to walk away from the deal than purchase a home that becomes a liability.

The fourth strategy is to always think long-term, we always advise our clients to think “Exit Plan”. Even if you are looking at living in the house for a short period, you should be ready for the possibility that it may not sell at the expected price when the time comes to exit, and you might have to hold the property for a longer period than you wanted.

The fifth strategy is to have a good experienced team helping and advising you. We are here to give advice AND options, way up the pros and cons, have you thought about this or that. As real estate associates with a combined 23 years experience we are in our relationship with our clients, for the long haul.

Go into a possible purchase with knowledge and stats from sold’s in the area and a team you can trust.

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A buyer’s market can refer to the point in the market where sales have been low inventory is still low, but maybe sales are on the way back up. You need to step in and purchase whilst sellers are still more realistic.

As a seller, you do not need to be unhappy that it is a buyer’s market. A buyer’s market does not mean that your home won’t sell. It just means that your home may not sell for what you are expecting for it. Therefore, if you are planning on selling your home in a buyer’s market, abandon all sentiments and set realistic expectations by looking at recent sales of comparable properties.

If you are not happy with the statistics regarding recent sales of comparable properties, you might want to wait until the market turns in your favour. As a seller in a buyer’s market, you need to be very motivated from the beginning, otherwise your property may end up languishing in the market. Only put your home up for sale in a buyer’s market if you are a very serious seller.

As a buyer, you will get to pick from many options in a buyer’s market. However, this does not mean you should skip your research. Evaluate all your options – in fact, during a buyer’s market, prized locations which were earlier not available within your budget may open up. You could choose to seize the opportunity and enter the best areas while you have the chance.

Our advice is that you should move forward with deals in a buyer’s market after having a team talk with us, we can provide real time data that will help you find the best deals in today’s market.

Call/Text or email us for a no obligation Market Consultation 

Stu: 403.850.0669

Lora: 403.512.1316

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The Top 10 Selling Mistakes To Avoid in Calgary

Want to Sell Your Home? – Here is Where We Can Help You

Don’t Price It Too High 

Price is everything. Overpricing does more to discourage buyers than any other single factor. When you overprice, you put your home in competition with homes that may be newer, larger or have more going for them than yours. All you will achieve is to help sell the others!. 

         Poor Condition 

A home that needs lots of work doing to it, does not excite buyers. A home like this is looked at by buyers as a work project and like the old Tom Hanks movie – The Money Pit. Having your home in good shape and great showing presentation will significantly improve your chances of a sale at top dollar value.

            Poor Curb Appeal 

Most buyers today will always want to drive by. If your home is an attractive drive-by, it will gain more attention and more showings. Doing the little things to help your home's curb appeal. Clearing snow in winter, cutting the lawn and cleaning the yard in summer will make a huge difference.

          Drab Dark Homes Don't Sell 

Buyers like Space and Light ! At showing time open the blinds and curtains -  " IT’S SHOWTIME". Go through your home and remove all clutter; touch up paint and wall dinks, fix counter tops, and carpets. Smells are offensive from pets and smoking smells are also huge turn-off.  If the weather is good open a few windows and let the air through before showings. The most important rooms to concentrate on are the living room, family room, kitchen and master bedroom. As they enter the home they will          have their first impression! Don’t have a dirty front door - Make it sparkle !.

        Don't Over-improve 

Get your home in good showing shape, but don't over-do it. Huge projects such as complete remodels of kitchens, adding decks, and expanding room sizes may not pay back your investment. Before you jump into a huge improvement project, ask us for our advice.

          Be Financeable 

Bad roofs, exterior paint, or structural problems may make your home un-financeable. The wider the scope of financing that your home can qualify for, the higher the overall market value.

          Get Good Advice and Good Market Exposure 

As professional agents with over 16 years experience we will help you get your home priced right, and will also get you started with the best fix ups. We will get your home exposed to the largest number of potential "Qualified" buyers. Paying the agent fee is often the least expensive part of selling your home. 

          Don't Be In At Showings 

When your home is being shown, go for a drive or a walk. Take yourself, your family, and pets and let the agent and their clients have the freedom they need. An agent can always do their best job of showing your home when you are not underfoot. Buyers will spend longer looking at your home's features and the benefits when you are not there.

         Let Us Do The Negotiating 

If there is ever a good reason to have an experienced agent working for you, it's during the negotiation of your home sale.  A good negotiator can mean thousands of dollars to you, and will protect your interests. Don't let your emotions run wild during negotiations. Try to separate your emotions from your business side. Remain cool and calm during    this time.

        Act Fast With Offers

 We contact you as soon as an offer comes in and  we need to act quickly and decisively to arrive at the best price and conditions. Letting offers sit around without acting can be a huge mistake, buyers think you  don’t care. Things can change quickly in the mind of a prospective buyer  so let us help you set up the strategy – what is your best finished price and through negotiations how do we get there.

  • The Team Is Ready To Go! Call for a no obligation Market Consultation: 403-850-0669

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10 Tips to Prepare Your Bedroom

(Photo Courtesy of Hastens)

10 Tips to Prepare Your Bedroom!

1)    Rotate the Mattress – This will distribute the usage more evenly.

2)    Put on the winter Bedding – Time to put that heavy winter bedding on.

3)    Wash Pillows – Most are machine washable.

4)    Clean Ceiling and Walls – This includes air vents, light fixtures, and switch plates.

5)    Dust Your Ceiling Fans – Be careful not to fall.

6)    Curtains and Blinds – Wash curtains and dust the blinds.

7)    Clean your Closets – Sort through your clothes, shoes, and all accessories.

8)    Donate what you have not used in the past year.

9)    If you have not used it in the past year, you will probably not use it in the future.

10)  Store your summer clothes.

They say by making space in your Closet you are letting the universe know you are making room for new clothes. How cool is that !

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Keep your bathrooms in ‘sparkling condition’

Most sellers under estimate how much their bathrooms play a role in how their homes are judged by buyers. It’s true, it may not be as ‘public’ as your living room, your home’s exteriors, landscaping, etc., but your bathrooms can make or break a good sale.

Just imagine a guest who’s impressed with everything he has seen on a tour of your home, but is confronted with a less than clean bathroom Yuk!  An sparkling bathroom contributes enormously to how your home is ‘scored’ by visitors. Here are some ways to keep your home in sparkling condition.

Soap scum is a no no for buyers especially on shower doors, etc.  Here's a tip, coffee filters can be used as an effective cleaner for bathroom mirrors. A simple toothbrush dipped in a solution of baking soda and vinegar can be used for cleaning the grout between tiles.

The combination of baking soda and vinegar works well even for clogged drains – pour a cup of each down the drain, cover the drain with a drain-cover or cloth, followed by pouring boiling water down the drain. Make your taps sparkle by wrapping them in paper towels soaked in vinegar, followed by using a dry paper towel to buff the taps.

We are always willing to give clients tips on what they need to do to "sharpen" the appearance of their home but remember that keeping your bathroom in ‘sparkling condition’ need not be a chore – just make sure that you go about it regularly so that stains do not get a chance to build up.

Email us if you need any advice  

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Tips for Your Calgary Kitchen -

Don't Always follow the latest trend

As a home owner, you might be tempted to follow certain trends in kitchen design. However, there are certain kitchen trends which you would be better off not following.

Let us look at some of them.

A previous popular trend that you should maybe avoid is installing the microwave over the cooker. Many builders used it because it was seen to save space. The main problem with doing that is accessibility and it makes it difficult for short individuals, children and the disabled to use their microwave. A more ideal place to put it is under the counter.

Another older trend was putting pot racks over the island in your kitchen. It is better to store away pots and pans in drawers than go for pot racks. With the pot racks gone there is more of an open feel to the kitchen.

Also it is better to go for warm neutral finishes. Not only do such finishes look good, they will never go out of fashion.

Brass kitchen hardware looks great. However, if you want a more ‘modern’ feel,  it would be better to go for satin or brushed nickel finish on your hardware.

A good kitchen has a combination of smart design and high-quality materials. Whether it’s building a new kitchen or renovating an existing kitchen take your time. Don’t make the kitchen too dark with dark floors, dark granite and dark units. Keep it light, fresh, open, and a joy to be in.

Remember white cabinets are making a comeback! Just don’t cheap out on the modern hardware.

Enjoy where everyone gathers at parties!

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New paint makes the entire home smell clean and neat, and can bring sellers the best price. If your home has chipped paint, exposed wood, or surfaces that looks faded, it's time for new paint. If your carpet is worn, dirty, outdated, or an unusual color or style, you might consider replacing it. And it will make the buyer present a lower offer!

Many houses do not sell because of these problems. Don't think that buyers have more money than you to freshen up a home. They typically don't. They will simply look elsewhere for a home that needs less work.

Please let us know when you are ready to start the process of selling and we can help you prep your home for today's market.

We are always here to help with questions & advice on areas of your home that you need to focus on.

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The condition of your home will have a huge impact on how fast it sells, and its eventual selling price. Preparing your home for sale can pay you huge dividends. Many fix ups cost very little and consist mostly of time and some elbow grease. Here are some simple tips to help your home show its best.

  • Clean the entire home thoroughly. Shampoo carpets, wash walls, clean sills, window screens and blinds. Clean out light fixtures and dust shelving. Get detailed here.
  • Clean the clutter from all closets, cupboards and cabinets.
  • Make your rooms look as spacious as possible. Store unnecessary furnishing items that make your home look crowded.
  • Arrange furnishing so that it is easy to walk through your home.
  • Scale down the number of photos, pictures, portraits and posters hanging on walls. Make sure you patch all nail and screw holes.
  • Keep your curtains and draperies open as a rule. You will want your home to show very light and bright. Find ways to screen any unappealing views.
  • Make your kitchen shine. Remove clutter from counter tops and cabinets and store it. Keep your sink clean and clear of any dirty dishes.
  • Clean your refrigerator, inside and out. Make sure that you do the simple things like putting an open box of baking soda in your fridge. Also, remove unnecessary clutter from the door.
  • Clean your oven. Degrease it and keep it looking as good as possible.
  • Keep scented candles burning in the kitchen and bathrooms. Pleasant fragrances will entice buyers to stay longer in your home.
  • Keep bathrooms scrubbed and tidy with fresh soap and neatly hung towels. Try to color coordinate your bathrooms.
  • Keep all sinks in the home clean and repair leaks or slow drains.
  • Go through your entire home and touch up paint. Pay close attention to corners where there is traffic wear. Touch up baseboards, trim and cabinets and cupboards.
  • Place plants or flower arrangements in strategic parts of the home. A splash of color from plants, flowers, pillows or small rugs can give your home some real flair.
  • Make sure that your home is well lit. Put higher wattage bulbs in dark areas or corners. Keep all lights on during showings, even in mid day.
  • Use mirrors on walls if necessary to reflect light and make rooms look larger.
  • Make sure that all door knobs and keyed entries are working. Replace any worn knobs or handles.
  • Clean up all around the house. Remove any debris piles such as wood, firewood and landscape trimmings. Trim all hedges, bushes and shrubbery away from the house. Keep all garden beds weeded and mulched.
  • Put some color by your home's entrance with potted flowers. Keep them watered and looking attractive.
  • Keep all walkways clear, clean and in good repair. This includes your driveways and any parking areas.
  • Keep all outdoor furniture clean and in good repair.
  • Clean your gutters and roof. Keep moss or algae from growing on, in or around them.
  • Keep your yard and lawn areas clean and in good health. A green lawn makes a home look great. Keep your lawn edged and free from weeds.
  • Repair any broken windows, screens, shutter or awnings.
  • Clean your garage area. Remove clutter and make it look organized and as spacious as possible. Try to have nothing in your garage but cars.

By following these 25 fix up tips, you can do a lot to increase the perceived value of your home and make it stand out above the competition!

Call or Text Stu or Lora for your marketing Consultation 

Lora: 403.512.1316

Stu: 403.850.0669

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Buying a Calgary home:


1:The Pre Approval

Arrange a meeting with your Mortgage person and get things moving by filling out your application. Be prepared and take with you income verification, an employment letter and confirmation of your down payment.  Be sure ask exactly what the lender will need ahead of time and once approved, ask for a Pre Approval Letter of confirmation.

2: View Homes & Condos

Work on which are your preferred areas and what is your maximum budget and we will email you the active listings within those areas and parameters. At a time/date that works for both of us we will set up a tour of all the properties that fit your criteria and you want to see.

3: Selecting Your New Home

Most people go with their “gut feeling” when they enter the home they really like. Once they are inside then we start to tick the boxes. The location will of been decided beforehand and logistics for work, schools etc already decided. Once we we the short list we can second view and be “objective” does it REALLY work and shall we make an offer.

4:  Putting In The Offer

Our offer will be based on relevant comparable sold’s in the area, time on the market and upgrades to the property. We will have a “Starting Point” this can’t be too low because you want the seller not to dismiss your offer, but to work with you so that both sides are happy. Our goal is to achieve the best terms and  price for our clients, based on our combined 24 years experience.

5:  Offer Accepted

The offer is firstly accepted on price, we add to that our conditions and possession date. The most common conditions are usually Financing, Home Inspection and (or) Condo Document Review, and sometimes review of Bye-Laws if applicable. In a Rural Property Purchase we could add to this Septic Inspection, Well Inspection & Water Analysis (or Co-op Water Analysis if applicable). Usually our length of condition period would be 10-14 business days before we remove our conditions after we are satisfied.

 After all is accepted we are in the condition period and need to set up all inspections and reviews.

6:  Removing Conditions

All our conditions have been met, if a few smaller things pop up during the Home Inspection we will amend the contract to have the seller put them right before our “Walkthrough” prior to possession. (usually 48 hours)

7:  All documents To the Lawyers Office

We will see that all documents are sent to your lawyer’s office as soon as possible. You will then arrange to meet with your lawyer, usually 7-10 days before possession to sign all the required paperwork. Make sure you bring a check or your credit card as the lawyer will be making adjustments for down payments and work done as previously agreed with them.

8:  Keys are Releasable

We will make arrangements to meet you at your new home for the “Walkthrough” and we also meet you there when Keys are released by the Sellers Lawyer on possession day. The only thing we suggest is not to book your Telus /Shaw or removal company until the next day, in case there are any hold ups, it doesn’t often happen, but it can.

Then you can just enjoy your new home!!

Call us to discuss your options 403.850.0669

Stu Lowe & Lora Greco

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Great seeing my client Sam Shariff at his new Custom Cabinet Workshop on 38th Ave last week. Making amazing handmade cabinets and lots more.

The business is already thriving and we wish Sam and his team all the very best. 

Bay 9, 1236 38 Ave NE, Calgary, AB T2E 6N2

A Brief History of Pieszak Custom Cabinets

A true devotion to the craft stems from an intense satisfaction of turning conception into reality.  Pieszak Custom Cabinets was founded over 20 years ago as a platform to showcase and sell quality handmade products. Sometimes in today’s modern world we can forget the beauty in the natural, beautiful, and handmade. Get in touch to start your project today.

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City of Calgary, Aug. 15, 2018 – Stricter lending criteria, higher rates and a slow economic recovery weighed on housing demand over the first half of 2018.

This is causing sales to ease more than originally anticipated.

"Easing sales combined with rising inventories has pushed the market into an oversupply situation for all products, affecting pricing for all products, which include detached, semi-detached and row, and apartment," said CREB® chief economist Ann-Marie Lurie.

Overall, prices are expected to ease by over one per cent across the city, with expected declines ranging from 2.5 per cent in the apartment sector to nearly one per cent in the detached sector.


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